Neuro-Limbic Conditioning – Level 1 + Mind Grind Pack


Neuro-limbic Conditioning Level 1 + Mind Grind for maximum coaching training, grab this pack now before it last.


Neuro-limbic Conditioning Level 1 you will learn the science of how the mind and body work to produce memories, thoughts and emotions that keep people stuck in their old patterns and why clients who have these patterns reduce their chances of ongoing success, happiness and fulfillment in life. You will learn how to spot “stuck” patterns that keep people stuck in the same positions in life as well as learning powerful tools to help people move forward with ease.

Mind Grind, spend 2 days with Michael & Justin updating your values, purpose and mission, balancing out charged emotions and creating your new life plan so you can achieve at the highest level in 2019!

Payment Plan

Upfront, Monthly


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